Teaching the Mechanical Principles of a 1950s Navy Computer

15 Mar

How do you shoot a remote and fast moving ship back in the time 'computers' existed out of gear assemblies, rotary disks, sprockets, chains, cams, differentials, and a very good knowledge of algebra and trigonometry?

If a how-to explanation of the analog computer does not interest your geeky mind, then consider: how do you explain complex mathematically-driven machinery using simple infographic animation and narration, back in 1953 (and so, no After Effects, you know...)?

In short, the 50's era training film series explains how a mechanical computer was used to aim guns on a ship. Compared to today's digital computers, it almost looks like Rube Goldberg's abacus, but in it's day it was a game changer that proved devestating. Watch the series of (school television like) videos below.

Via boing boing and Engadget.

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