The Art of the Press Release: Special RAISING HOPE Edition!

29 Mar

Continuing his penchant for delivering press releases that cut through the clutter comes the latest from the genius behind RAISING HOPE, Greg Garcia. See for yourself, after the jump.

Dear Press Member,
Hello, friends. It’s your pal, Greg Garcia. I’ve got a problem I was hoping you could help me out with:  Not enough people are watching my show. Sure, we’re picked up for a second season and we’re doing a decent number in the demo most weeks. But we need more people to watch.
My problem is I don’t have the same kind of awesome luck other shows have. I don’t have a rock-star-tiger-blooded warlock going on every network providing non-stop promotion for my show. I’m stuck with a cast of amazingly talented actors who refuse to get into any trouble at all. I’ve begged them to throw a chair through a window at a morning show, steal a necklace, smoke a questionable substance in an online video or at the very least, rent a mansion and fill it full of adult-film stars. Alas, they refuse. My young star, Lucas Neff – who should be all over TMZ – spends his weekends at the library. THE LIBRARY!!! Seriously, the kid goes to the library. See what I’m up against here?
Anyway, that’s why I need you to help me out. If you think the show is good, keep telling people to watch. If you think these episodes we’re making available to you today are good, tell people to watch. If you see one of my cast members out in public, slip some drugs in their pocket and call the cops.

Thanks for your help,

Greg Garcia