Facebook Smear Campaign Has No Lasting Effect on Facebook or Google [STATS]

19 May

Despite major blowback from a Facebook-funded smear campaign against Google meant to raise questions about Google’s privacy settings, the perception of neither company has been significantly damaged.

According to data from social media analytics firm NetBase, which processed data from more than 70,000 news stories, blogs and forum posts, tweets and comments on social networks, the sentiment about both companies changed very little in the aftermath of the news.

Negative sentiment about Facebook — particularly mentions that also included Google — rose May 11, the evening the news broke, and peaked the next day. But by May 13, sentiment was largely positive again, and by May 17 sentiment about Facebook had returned to its pre-smear levels even when mentioned with Google. Google, it appears, was hardly affected.

Woe to the 24-hour news cycle and our short attention spans, I suppose.

Facebook Net Sentiment
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Facebook Sentiment, When Mentioned With Google

Google Net Sentiment

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