Lie, Still: The Return of Cake is a Liar

18 May

Nothing says "I play video games" like a t-shirt with the words "I play video games" printed on it. But for those who prefer to define their gamerhood a little more subtly, Shirt.Woot is dusting off an old favorite: The Cake is a Liar, celebrating the original chapter in the gaming saga that has proven to be quite the gateway drug turning casual gamers into die-hards. Die-hard enough to wear a shirt about it, we hope.

As the O.G. companion prequel to our recent hit, The Cheese is a Liederkranz, this deceitful dessert became one of our all-time longest-running designs. But if you want it, take the leap quickly: this slice of cake isn't gonna hang around for 97 weeks. Get The Cake is a Liar now, during the limited time when it will be available, or forever hold your fork.