Are Indian Developers More Skilled Than Americans?

28 Jun

Is there any truth to the belief that U.S. tech jobs are outsourced to India at least in part because Indian developers are better skilled than U.S. workers? According to GILD, a company that combines professional social networking with games that assess skills, there are some areas in which Indians beat their counterparts in the U.S, but there are others in which Americans excel. GILD examined the results of over 1 million assessments taken by over 500,000 developers with an average of 2-3 years of experience.


According to GILD:

  • Indian developers outscore U.S. developers by 11% on math and logic analytical skills
  • U.S. programmers outperform Indian programmers on mainstream programming languages including C (US 8% higher), JAVA (9% higher) and SQL (9% higher)
  • U.S. professionals score higher on web programming languages: 53% higher scores on advanced PHP; 27% higher on advanced HTML
  • U.S. tech professionals are 33% better skilled than Indian counterparts at English communication skills

In an announcement, GILD CEO Sheeroy Desai said that "America still holds a strong lead when it comes to web development, but I suspect the gap will narrow over the next few years."

Photo by andi.vs.zf