Google Launches New Drag and Drop AppsScript Interface Design Tool

21 Jun

Apps Script logo Today Google announced a new tool for Apps Script, the scripting language for Google Apps: Apps Script GUI Builder. Apps Script lets admins automate tasks and extend the functionality Google Apps (see our coverage). The new GUI Builder tool will make it easier to build forms and other interactive elements into Google Apps.

You can find the new feature in the Apps Script Editor by clicking on File and then "Build a user interface."


GUI Builder

According to the announcement, you can use the interfaces built with GUI builder in "a Spreadsheets dialog, on a Sites page, or as a standalone web service at its own URL." Once an app is completed, it can be published to users through the Share menu or in a spread sheet using the method.

A limited subset of UiApp widgets are currently supported, but Google promises to expand the list soon.

Google notes that some users have created extremely complex applications using App Script in the past, so we expect to see even more use now.