Who Used Google Plus First? Male Geeks From the US [Infographic]

01 Aug

Many words have been expended covering user demographics on Google Plus, mostly regarding whether or not the newborn social network is dominated by men. The data visualization wizards at Bime have just posted an interactive dashboard of Google Plus data that gives us a much more granular picture.



The data seem to confirm the popular conception that Google Plus users overwhelmingly identify as male (71.24%). The dominant age bracket (35%) is 25-34. The U.S. is by far the most represented country on Google Plus, with roughly three times the user base as India. The top 10 most common occupations of Google Plus users are dominated by tech jobs, with engineers (1.77%), developers (1.02%), designers (0.82%) and software engineers (0.72%) taking the top spots. And, by a wide margin, the top employer of Google Plus users is Google itself.


Bime pulled most of their data from Find People on Plus, a third-party member directory. They analyzed a sample of 4,412,227 users, which, according to estimates, is probably over one fifth of the entire user base. The age distribution data is from comScore, not from Find People on Plus, so the sample is not the same.

Bime admits that the data is "a few weeks old," so demographics may have shifted. As we noted last week, user behavior on Google Plus appears to be changing. But Bime's dashboard is still probably a reliable picture of who the early Google Plus adopters are.