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Codina House by A4estudio

09 Aug

A4estudio have designed the Codina House in Mendoza, Argentina.


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Visit the A4estudio website – here.




Sobrino House by A4 Estudio

05 Aug

A4 Estudio designed the Sobrino House in Mendoza, Argentina.


Facing a complex project where the house is also a workplace, we proposed an organized level where all the living uses and human relations are possible: relax, shelter, contemplation and work.

In a topographic operation, all the family activities converges in a common volume that lands on the highest level of the ground and rises 2.5 m from the lowest part. This operation proposes the entry to the house underneath all these activities, stripping at this point the natural slope. Square floor plan, perimeter activities program in relation to the best sunshine light and views, and the circulations related to a central patio that strips the natural slope of the site, structure an eccentric and dens spatiality, where the path ways became the heart of the house. At the top of the house, a system of inverted beams and concrete tensors hold the corbels, exposing the structure as part of the identity of the house.

In this way, a family life in an elevated and intimate plan that supports different uses and senses is possible.

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Visit the A4 Estudio website – here.




JD House by BAK Architects

02 Jun

BAK Architects have completed the JD House, located in the forest of Mar Azul, in the Argentinian province of Buenos Aires.


Visit the website of BAK Architects – here.

Photography by Gustavo Sosa Pinilla




The Black House by Andrés Remy Architects

03 Feb

Andrés Remy Architects designed The Black House in a suburb of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Full description after the photos….


The Black House by Andrés Remy Architects

The black house was born by the request of a young couple, brought to us by another of our projects “The Waterfall House”, which gave us the challenge of improving what we had done at that moment, taking advantage of the freedom they gave us during the design.

This single house is located in a closed neighborhood, 30km. away from Buenos Aires. The lot, 20 meters wide and 50 meters length with 3 meter of lateral retreats, has amazing views to the lake we could not let aside.

The analysis of the lot showed us the advantages and disadvantages we should take into account along the entire design process. The best views to the lake were at the back of the lot, while the best orientation was at the front. The surrounding houses and the wide lot marked the visuals we should use.

The simple program, for a socially active couple without children, made relevant the resolution of the social areas. We decided to divide the social areas in two. In one side are located the common areas, such as the kitchen and the dinning room. On the other side is located the living room, closer to the lake.

The shallow pool that divides the house in two allows the indirect light to bathe the interiors, as the northern sun reflects it’s light on the water surface. This way, light is present in every corner of the house, but never in a direct way.

Both programs are connected by a glass bridge, with the water running under your feet.
The living room, 10 meters wide and 5 meters length, opens to the exterior using glass walls. It was thought in a lower level than the rest of the house, making it permeable and allowing the ambients a clean view to the lake.

The resolution of the first floor follows the same criteria of differencing areas. At the front are located the bedrooms for the future children, with views to the lake. As a bridge, joining the two volumes in the lower floor is the main bedroom with a giant overhang that conquers the best views to the lake, seeming to float over the water.

The Black House has an almost provocative sobriety, where the pure white in the inside provoques an emotive contrast with the absolute black in the outside, reminding the bite of an apple. A strong characteristic that names the house.


YEAR: 2007