Google Correlate: Find Search Queries that Correlate with Real-World Data

25 May

I guess Google Correlate [] is a dream come true for any person appreciating statistics and social science (or just likes to explore which line graphs match up). It is Google's newest addition to its already rich and powerful collection of data tools, which already include Google Data Explorer, Google Trends, Google Insights for Search, Google Fusion Tables, Google Visualization API, Google Chart API, or Google Wonder Wheel. The online service allows users to find search query patterns which correspond with those of real-world trends, such as those that correlate with winter time (i.e. 'alpine touring', 'colds' and 'wedding soup').

Alternatively, users can upload their own time series data, and let Google's algorithmic wizardry and computing power let do all the hard work in identifying the search queries that match best over time (e.g. those that match 'visualization' or 'crisis'). In addition, queries can be correlated according to their location according to U.S. states, so that it becomes a statistical fact that the annual geographic distribution of rainfall corresponds to search queries like 'Disney vacation packages', 'mildew remover' or 'pink raincoats'.

Oh, and if you really want to know: 'infosthetics' correlates best with 'wikipedia how' and 'tn580', a Brother laser printer.

In other words, Google Correlate provides a glimpse in our our crowd-sourced psyche like never before.

More information available at the Official Google Blog.