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Why being easily embarrassed makes people like you more [Psychology]

29 Sep
For those of us with a clumsy disposition and a constant fear of saying or doing the wrong thing - otherwise known as English people - embarrassment is a constant companion. But that might be a surprisingly good thing. More »

Not having enough vitamin B12 can shrivel your brain. No, really. [Neuroscience]

29 Sep
Anyone ever told you that if you don't get your vitamins, your brain will shrink? No? Well they should. It turns out that having a vitamin B12 deficiency later in life is pretty bad for your grey matter. A group of researchers looked at over-65s from the South Side of Chicago, and measured the amount of vitamin B12 and B12-related metabolites in their blood, their cognitive skills, and took MRIs of them. More »

Add wasabi to your broccoli for a cancer-fighting boost [Food Science]

16 Sep
If you're a spicy food fan, take heart as combining certain piquant foods with broccoli may give the vegetable a much more powerful cancer-fighting kick. More »

This is what the patent for a dinosaur suit looks like [Video]

03 Sep
ON-ART Corp., Tokyo ("a top artistic structure airbrush paint production company in Japan") have just been granted their US patent (7,997,991 B2) for a "Costume suit of large size animal." More »

How to Take a Gorgeous Photo Like This on a Perfect Summer Night [How To]

05 Aug
Nothing says summer quite like a field full of fireflies on a starry night. And this beautiful long-exposure shot, which happened quite by accident, is actually pretty easy to replicate. Here's how: More »


A test for multiple universes finds four . . . maybe [Mad Science]

04 Aug
Multiple universes are accessed, in fiction, through portals in space or mystical necklaces or sometimes just in dreams, but always when characters break the rules of space time. In reality, alternate universes are not in other dimensions. They're just far, far away. And the reason they are alternate universes is that they can't be reached no matter what. But can they be tested for? More »

What happens when two stars fall into each other? [Science]

19 Mar
The universe is mostly empty, but once in a great while stars get close enough to crash into each other. Two stars recently combined to form Sco V1309. Find out what happened when they did. More »

"The most delicious fruit known to men" has been bioengineered to be even better [Food Science]

18 Mar
One of the reasons bananas enjoy their rampant popularity is that the kinds you buy in stores are hideously mutated versions of the original, bred to not have the inedible seeds their wild brethren so proudly display. Thanks to new research we may soon be seeing other fruit making the transition to seedlessness, and filling our grocery shelves. Bioengineers have successfully tweaked the custard apple, charimoya (called by Mark Twain "the most delicious fruit known to men") and the sugar apple — all of which are delicious but require nimble teeth if you want to avoid their seeds. These plants could provide new farming opportunities and delights in the produce section - plus, there's a possibility the research could be adapted to even more fruit. Get ready for the delicious, seedless future! More »

The Moon Is Going to Be Huge on Saturday [Video]

16 Mar
On Saturday, for the first time since 1993, the Moon is going to be full at almost the exact same time it's closest to earth. So if you've got livestock you need to sacrifice, now's the time to do it! More »

Meet the weird bird that’s half-chicken, half-turkey [Biology]

16 Mar
This is the Transylvanian naked neck chicken, popularly known as the "churkey" because it appears to have the body of a chicken and the head of a turkey. And this mysterious mutation could actually help feed the world. More »