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600 million-year-old fossils reveal catastrophic oxygen loss on ancient Earth [Evolution]

17 Feb
635 million years ago, almost the entire planet was a frozen ball of ice. And yet mere tens of millions of years later a population explosion happened deep underwater in South China, preceding the better-known Cambrian explosion by a significant time period. In these oxygen-free waters, more than 3,000 fossils of 15 species of seaweeds and worms lived briefly, and then all died suddenly. More »

Giant ice caverns lead the hunt for exotic particles [Mad Science]

13 Feb
This is a gigantic hole that's been melted into the South Pole. It's one of the 100 or so such vertical caves that have been punched into the Antarctic surface as part of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory, which is searching for tiny, almost massless particles known as neutrinos. This remarkable image reveals the incredible lengths scientists have to go in order to detect these ultra small particles. More »

Whiskey Now Comes in a Can [Bad Ideas]

17 Jan
A Latin American booze distributor now sells "dram in a can," 12 ounces of whiskey in one vessel. That's eight shots, so they're marketing it as "the perfect size to be shared between three people." Scottish whiskey makers are outraged. More »

You are what your parents eat [Obesity]

23 Dec
Proving once again that life is utterly unfair, it appears that your parents' diet can leave a permanent mark on your genetics. More »

"Brown fat" injections could solve the obesity problem [Medical Breakthroughs]

20 Dec
Most fat cells are called white fat cells - they store excess energy and make it tough to lose weight. But we've discovered how to turn mice's white fat cells into energy burning brown fat cells, and humans could be next. More »

3 awesome depictions of the golem in art [Video]

31 Oct
Halloween is here, and although Frankenstein get all the press, we're going to showcase a lesser known (but no less distinguished) manmade man: the golem! Here are some portrayals of this Hebrew homunculus in film, comics, and music. More »

We may be even more alone in the universe than we thought [Evolution]

22 Oct
Two scientists propose that the jump from bacteria to complex life might be much riskier than previously imagined. Even on planets with earthlike conditions, plant and animal life would therefore be incredibly rare. More »

Extreme black holes billions of years ago overheated the universe [Mad Astrophysics]

08 Oct
Global warming really isn't just a local problem...universal warming ran through the universe 11 billion years ago, doubling the temperature of intergalactic helium. The cosmic temperature spike was so bad, it stopped galaxies from developing for 500 million years. More »

The mountains of Titan are formed by the moon slowly shrinking [Exogeology]

15 Aug
The mountains on Saturn's moon Titan defy easy explanation, but readings from the Cassini probe offer a fascinating new possibility: Titan is slowly releasing heat and shriveling up, causing mountains to form on its surface like wrinkles on a raisin. More »

Triceratops controversy shakes paleontology to its bones [Mad Paleontology]

06 Aug
Paleontologists have discovered a shocking fact about the relationship between the celebrated Triceratops dinosaur (left) and its less-glamorous, holey-headed counterpart, Torosaurus (right). Turns out they're not evolutionary cousins. In fact, Triceratops is just a younger version of Torosaurus. More »